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Josh Duhamel: ‘I stay away from politics because nobody cares what I think’

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Josh Duhamel is having a ball with his latest role.

The 44-year-old actor was recently name the first-ever Esurance MLB All-Star Game Ballot Ambassador where he’ll rally fans to vote for their favorite team, leading up to this year’s All-Star Game. But that’s the only kind of voting Duhamel feels like discussing. He opened up to Fox News about why’s he’s stayed away from weighing in on politics.

He also got candid on being a father to 3-year-old son Axel, as well as the secret behind his lasting marriage to singer Fergie:

Fox News: You’ve described having a love/hate relationship with social media.
 Social media helps people communicate. That’s just a part of [the] reality we’re living today. That’s how people get their news, that’s how people share news — back in the day you had to actually watch the news on television or read the paper. Now, everything is so instantaneous because of social media. I don’t like to share too much of my private life because to me it just doesn’t feel right. I do sometimes because I may think a moment is funny, cute or harmless. But it’s also an opportunity to do a lot of good. It really is.

You can give exposure to charities or events around the world that may not be getting the attention they need. And for me, social media is great for that. And it’s helped me tremendously to talk about things that I think need attention. I don’t necessary think it’s important to tell people how to vote. That’s one thing I don’t do. I don’t like to get involved politically at all. Nobody cares what I think politically. Anybody in entertainment who thinks people care what they think politically are really misinformed. That’s one thing I stay away from. I stay away from politics because nobody cares what I think.

Fox News: What’s the secret behind your lasting relationship with Fergie?
 Our relationship has really evolved over the years. We really, really like each other and like spending time around each other. We’ve been through so much together that it’s just a whole different level from what it was before. I think at the end of the day we just like each other. We obviously love each other, but I think it’s very important that we really like each other too. Read the rest of this entry »

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Josh Duhamel on Playing Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee and Keeping Up with Mark Wahlberg

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Josh Duhamel is bringing the life and legacy of former Red Sox star Bill Lee to the big screen with his new film Spaceman. The indie comedy chronicles the outspoken and fan-favorite pitcher’s journey after his departure from the Expos and being blackballed by Major League Baseball. Ahead, Duhamel explains what it was like to play “Spaceman,” why Lee reminds the actor of his Las Vegas co-star James Caan, and the challenges of keeping up with Mark Wahlberg on the set of Transformers: The Last Knight.

Since Lee is such a character, was it fun getting the chance to play him?

It was a little intimidating, actually, in the beginning because he is such an original character and such a unique personality. There’s a reason why he was so beloved in Boston and Montreal. That’s just the way he was. You spend a few minutes with the guy and you understand why. He reminds me of James Caan in a way. When I worked with James, he got himself in trouble a lot because he would act before he thought a lot. That’s kind of what Bill did. It got him into trouble and ultimately got him blackballed from baseball. But you know when he felt something, he felt it 100 percent. In his mind, he was standing up for his buddies.

Was getting into the mind of such an eccentric personality the most difficult part of the role?

That was probably the biggest challenge. The pitching part wasn’t as hard because I played sports my whole life as part of my upbringing. So that part wasn’t as difficult as it was really trying to get inside his head, understanding his points of view on things. Even more than that, it was understanding that this particular moment in his life is not something that he looks back on fondly. This is a really rough stretch in his life.

You recently reposted a photo on Instagram of you and “Spaceman,” accompanied by #LeeDuhamel2016. Would you ever run for a political office with Lee?
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Josh Duhamel: “I Was A Terrible Model”

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The actor on his former modeling days, life with Fergie and his latest film ‘Lost In the Sun’

“It was like real-life Zoolander…I felt like Miss America when I won that thing,” Josh Duhamel tells me in a confessional tone. It was 1997, and Duhamel, then at the height of his fly-by modeling career, went head-to-head against Ashton Kutcher for the title of Male Model of the Year; Duhamel won. “The truth is I only did that for about a year and a half, and I was really unsuccessful at it.”

It’s not difficult to picture Duhamel striking a Blue Steel down the runway (facetiously or not). Best known for his the Transformer series and romance flicks including Safe Haven, the 43-year-old North Dakotan has also achieved a certain folk appeal on Instagram, where he can often be seen clowning around with his wife, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, and their two-year-old son, Axl. (We particularly dug his recent Halloween shot, in which he was actually a clown.) But in his latest film, Trey Nelson’s Lost In the Sun, Duhamel is trying bad boy on for size, playing an ex-con who recruits a teenage orphan to join him on a criminal spree.

Duhamel called us up to tell us about his newfound evil side, doing the two-step in Texas and fighting with “Fergs” about how to dress their son. “I’ll see paparazzi pictures of my son in leather pants and sunglasses and a scarf,” he laughs. “I’m like, ‘What the hell are you dressing him in?!'”
RO: So you’re not too likable in Lost in the Sun, huh?

JD: He’s a complicated dude, this John. It was one of those things where I read it, and I didn’t see him as a criminal as much as I saw him as a guy who was under a lot of pressure and really desperate. When you’re under those circumstances you make decisions that you’re probably going to end up paying for. I sort of got into the psychology of why rather than who he was.

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Interview: Josh Duhamel Gets Lost in the Sun

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Actor Josh Duhamel is probably better known for his striking good looks that have gotten him cast in many studio romances, both comedies and dramas, but in recent years, he’s been doing smaller independent films like Scenic Route with Dan Fogler.

That’s also the case with Lost in the Sun, the first theatrical feature by Trey Nelson, who cast Duhamel in the role of John, a small-time crook and grifter who owes a lot of money to men who protected him while in jail. When he encounters an orphaned teenager named Louis (Josh Wiggins from Max), who just happens to be carrying a lot of cash, John pairs with the boy on a trip across the country to go live with his grandmother, roping him into his petty thefts at the same time. got on the phone with Duhamel last week to talk about the movie. This movie was kind of a surprise because it didn’t play festivals and I’d really never heard of it before, so it kind of came out of nowhere. It’s fun to see a movie that you’ve never heard of just being really enjoyable and pleasant.

Josh Duhamel: Well, I appreciate that, so that’s what we’re trying to do is get people aware of it, because these small movies, they’re passion projects. They take effort from every single person on the crew, from the cast and even afterwards, you have to try to get the word out because we don’t have the means that some of these bigger movies do, so you just hope that you can make a good movie that people can engage in.

CS: Did you just get Trey Nelson’s script through normal ways? How did they approach you about it?
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Josh Duhamel in Battle Creek: Devil in Disguise

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It’s just after 9:30 a.m. on a Monday when Josh Duhamel slides into a back booth at his favorite diner, greets the waitress by name and orders an egg-white omelet, English muffin and hash browns. “This place,” reports the 42-year-old actor, clad in a long-sleeved gray T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, “is my jam.”

The neighborhood dive—surely the only place in tony Brentwood, Calif., with wood-paneled walls and a handwritten paper sign crookedly taped to one of them that reads “Open daily 7 a.m.–3:30 p.m.”—might seem like an unlikely hangout for Duhamel, the handsome Hollywood A-lister who with pop-star wife Fergie make up one of the industry’s more glamorous couples. But spend some time with the North Dakota native, and it becomes clear he’s retained the humble Midwestern tastes and strong work ethic with which he was raised. After all, this is the guy who, despite starring in the first three hugely successful Transformers films, as well as romantic comedies like New Year’s Eve, still attends acting class. “And it still scares the s*** out of me,” he says with a laugh. “But I want to keep getting better.”

Duhamel’s bringing those well-honed chops to his role as Milt Chamberlain, a charismatic and seemingly earnest FBI agent, in Battle Creek, the highly anticipated new CBS drama created by Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) and executive produced by David Shore (House). In between proudly showing off iPhone videos of his towheaded 1-year-old son, Axl, a refreshingly candid Duhamel opens up about his pretty-boy image, why winning an Emmy for All My Children was the best revenge and the unprintable dating advice he received from Las Vegas co-star James Caan.

How did you get involved with Battle Creek?

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do TV again. I was happy doing movies. But they were also taking me away from home, and when I had my baby I didn’t want to be traveling. I don’t like being away from him for more than a day. I got a call from my agent saying that Vince and David wanted to meet, and I was like, “I can’t not say yes to that.” I was a huge Breaking Bad fan, and House was amazing. So we had breakfast and talked about it. I’d read the pilot but I wasn’t sure. It was like, “Is this enough of a departure?”
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Josh Duhamel on becoming a dad

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“Safe Haven” star Josh Duhamel was one busy daddy-to-be. Josh joined forces with Valspar Paint and Habitat for Humanity to launch Valspar Hearts & Hands for Habitat recently in Manhattan, benefiting Habitat for Humanity’s Disaster Response program.

The actor was interviewed before his son, Axl Jack, arrived on Aug. 29. He opened up to about the “important” disaster relief program, his “excitement” to become a dad, and his lovely wife Fergie, whom he has “no doubt” will “be an amazing mom.”

Q. Tell us about teaming up with Valspar Paint and Habitat for Humanity for the Valspar Hearts & Hands for Habitat Campaign. What is the campaign all about and why did you get involved?

A. “I got involved because I believe that the work that Valspar Paint and Habitat for Humanity are doing is really important. I feel especially passionate about this because after my hometown in North Dakota was hit [by a devastating flood] in 2011, I saw firsthand how many families were affected and how many people needed to rebuild.

When I learned about the work that Valspar was doing with Habitat, I just wanted to be involved. There’s an auction on Valspar’s Facebook page where people can bid on canvasses that various celebrities put their handprints on. We’ll be auctioning them off and all the proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity’s Disaster Response programs.” Read the rest of this entry »

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New interview with Josh Duhamel! (Video)

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Thanks to Alicia Malone, we got a new interview with Josh Duhamel, you can enjoy this below!

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Josh Duhamel: It Doesn’t Take Much To Make Me Cry

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Josh Duhamel has a lot to live up to now that he’s bringing a Nicholas Sparks leading man to life. But how will Duhamel’s in Safe Haven compare to Ryan Gosling’s work in The Notebook, Channing Tatum’s performance in Dear John or Liam Hemsworth’s star-making role in The Last Song?

That was just one of the questions I asked when Duhamel rang up ETonine in support of A Night With Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven: Filmmakers, Author and Stars Bring the Book to Life, the NCM Fathom event taking place in cinemas nationwide on January 17.

ETonline: This is a very cool partnership you’re doing with NCM Fathom. What appealed to you about this opportunity?
Josh Duhamel: I thought it was an interesting new way to get people interested and involved with the movie. The way Hollywood involves fans now is much different than it was when I first started, 12 years ago. Especially with a genre like this.

ETonline: Twitter has become a major way stars connect with their fans. Are you a fan of the platform?
Duhamel: It’s interesting. There’s something to be said about keeping your anonymity in some ways; maintaining some mystery. Some people say that familiarity breeds contempt, while sometimes it’s the other way around. Nobody wants to know what I’m doing 24 hours a day, they’d be painfully bored, trust me [laughs]. At the same time, if I’m doing something interesting or funny, I like being able to share that with my fans. I’m not a completely closed book; I’m a social person and if I see something worth sharing, I’m happy to do that. Read the rest of this entry »

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Josh Duhamel Laughs About 1997 Modeling Competition With Ashton Kutcher

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Long before they became mega movie stars, Josh Duhamel and Ashton Kutcher were simply two Midwestern boys trying to make it in the modeling world.

In 1997, North Dakota-raised Duhamel beat Kutcher for the title of Male Model of the Year. At the time, the Safe Haven star described the achievement as “the happiest moment of my life.” In hindsight, Duhamel can’t help but laugh at his former self.

“We joke about it all the time,” Duhamel, 39, says of Kutcher, 34, in an interview with Yahoo’s OMG!. “When I see him, we always have a good laugh about it. We were so into it. We thought we were so cool. It was like a real-life Zoolander.” Read the rest of this entry »

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